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Diablo - The Demon Hunter by Aaraujo

I must say that this work is really awesome. It looks like you have something in you, the whole concept, story is quite appealing. I like the way those horned monsters look maybe a bit more facial expression on the one that got burned by arrows. Fire looks quite legit and real but there us a but problem with shading and lightning the main character and few others, mind the light source but its not really that off just in some parts her right leg (her thigh) is lighten from above where is no light source in the air. Tho the monsters have a nice light on their shoulders and chest. Ow and ears. That's what was the 1th thing i noticed. The second was you would like a critique hehe. Ok next thing the main character, he left arm is weird, elbow is somewhere and shoulder, dunno looks kinda broken if you check it real quick. There is that shoulder armor that is deceiving to whole arm position that's why it looks broken on first view. Next time make her more in movement at least upper part, arms, bent them more, it will give character more movement. More contrast with the background wouldn't hurt but I like the colors tho. Can't decide what is my thought on cloak.
Otherwise is really nice work I like that you put some effort into coloring all the stuff and shading. Really nice.
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